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BAR's song "Normal Does Not Get Noticed!"

Normal Does Not Get Noticed MP3 Download Here!


Check the Gallery for some photos of my new guide dog.


BAR is hard at work on more songs and will have some new samples on the site soon. Check back for more fun and mayhem with BAR!

Buddy System by Blind Al Rude's now available!

This is my book "Buddy System" The story takes me from a Cane though Guide Dog School and into the real world. It recounts in humorous detail the eleven years we spent together. How our bond of trust grew despite the occasional misstep. Every dog owner will want their own copy. 226 pages 995 cents. Send me an E-mail or call me at 760-347-9511.

Here is what readers have said about "Buddy System"

I found your book interesting, animated, and informative and want to share it with friends! "Jan White"

I just finished it tonight and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I am a supporter of guide dogs and they amaze me how much they are connected to their owners. Buddy was very lucky to have you, and you him, It almost seems you had a spiritual connection. "Wanda Stoner"

I have just finished reading the Buddy System book; and enjoyed every page. "Marjorie Asano"

I just finished reading it and LOVED it! It was wonderfully entertaining. I cried at the end. Thanks for sharing it with me. It is a wonderful book, especially for such a dog lover like me. "Jeannie Lagario"

I am one of many with whom you met last week at the Palm Springs Street Fair. We didn't chat too long but long enough for me to know that I would love Buddy System - and love it I did. I just finished it today. Your writing is enveloping and you kept me up reading in to the wee hours as I could not put it down. Thank you for sharing your stories of you and Buddy...I learned a lot, laughed and cried. "Suzanne Nenez"



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Please download this song and distribute it free of charge. Keep checking back for samples of the second album release from BAR

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