Allen Fitzsimons AKA Blind Al Rude By Dan Decker

I have worked with Allen for over nineteen years creating a large body of musical work. I consider him to be one of the nicest and most creative people I have ever had the pleasure of working with in a production environment. I also consider him to be a good friend and coconspirator in the pursuit of creating songs and music that stimulate laughter, thoughts, and emotion.

He always has a clear concept of what he wants in his music and production values in a particular song. I have asked him to write a Bio for over a year and for the first time I think he is short on words. Considering he has written two books and countless songs I know that he has the words and I will keep trying to get him to write a Bio for the BAR site. Send him an e-mail and tell him to get this Bio to me would ya? Until then we will be making more music. Check back often to hear what BAR has created. Thanks.

Dan Decker




Soon to be released:


Currently Available: Cell Phonies, eight tracks of BAR at his best.


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